Consortium leaders

Dave Bohan

David Bohan
The consortium is led by Dave, who represents the UMR Agroécologie at INRA-Dijon. He has been a Principal Investigator for 12 years, at both Rothamsted Research in the UK and at INRA. Dave is a quantitative ecologist with an interest in ecosystem functions/services, replicated networks and learning methodologies, and is currently the editor of Advances in Ecological Research.


Corinne Vacher
Corinne is the leader of the "Functional Ecology & Genomics" team at INRA UMR1202 BioGeCo. She investigates the functional role of the plant microbiota by combining environmental genomics, plant physiology and network ecology. Her role in the project is to ensure that WP1 produces high-quality NGS data for network reconstruction, in collaboration with the Genome Transcriptome facility in Bordeaux.


Elsa Canard
Elsa is a permanent INRA researcher at IGEPP, with skills in community ecology and a particular focus on the functioning of ecological interaction networks. Elsa will coordinate the work on the agro-ecosystem.


François Massol
François is a permanent CNRS researcher at the Université de Lille 1, specialized in evolutionary and spatial ecology. His research follows two main axes: (i) the mechanisms affecting biodiversity in spatially structured systems and (ii) the evolutionary dynamics of traits and their ecological impacts, especially the evolution of dispersal and the coevolution of interaction networks. François will lead WP4 and coordinate the plant-pollinator system.

Patrice David

Patrice David
Patrice is an evolutionary biologist at the CNRS, Montpellier, studying mating systems and community eco-evolutionary dynamics. He will lead WP3.


Stéphane Robin
Stéphane is an INRA statistician at AgroParisTech, with great experience in the development of statistical methodologies for the life sciences. He has published over 60 papers in international peer-reviewed journals and has been PI on ten projects, including the ‘Projet Investissement d'Avenir’ on Algorithmics, Bioinformatics and Statistics for NGS (ABS4NGS) project. Stephane will lead WP2 and coordinate the statistically based network reconstruction.

Virginie Ravigné

Virgine Ravigné
Virginie is a CIRAD researcher based at PVBMT, CIRAD La Reunion. Virginie is a theoretical evolutionary biologist, and her research focuses on understanding the eco-evolutionary dynamics of plant pests by accounting for complex life-history strategies. She is the author of 42 peer-reviewed publications, supervisor of 11 MSc and 4 PhD students and work package leader in Flagship Fondation Agropolis programmes on biological invasions and disease emergence since 2010. Virginie will lead WP4.


Alireza Tamaddoni-Nezhad
Alireza is Lecturer at the University of Surrey, UK and a Fellow at Imperial College London. His work lies in the areas of Machine Learning and Data Science, and in particular Symbolic and Logic-based Machine Learning (e.g. Inductive Logic Programming) and applications to Knowledge Discovery in Life Sciences. Alireza will contribute to the logic-based learning in WP2 and co-supervision of the PhD with Partner 1.





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